SX1278 SX1276 Wireless LoRa UART Module , Serial 3000m 433MHz RF

SX1278 SX1276 Wireless LoRa UART Module , Serial 3000m 433MHz RF
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E32-TTL-100 is a 100mW wireless transceiver module with LoRa spread-spectrum technology, operate at 410~441MHz(default: 433MHz), based on original imported RFIC SX1278 from SEMTECH, transparent transmission is available, TTL level. The module adopts LoRa spread-spectrum technology, which means the transmitting distance is much longer than before. The advantage of this module is more concentrated power density and better anti-interference performance.


Communication InterfaceUART TTL, default: 9600bps
Frequency Band433MHz (410 ~ 441MHz)
Power Supply2.3V ~ 5.5VDC
Air Rates2.4Kbps
Transmission Power20dBm, ~100mW
Transmission Distance3000m (clear and open area)
Transmission Current120mA @20dBm
Receiving Current14mA @Mode 0, Mode 1
Sleep Current2.0uA (mode 3, M0=1, M1=1)
RSSI SupportYes
Receiver Sensitivity-138dBm @0.3Kbps
Antenna TypeStandard SMA antenna (FREE)
Operating Temperature-40 ~ +85°C
Dimension21 * 36mm
Weight~ 6.7g

Pin Definitions

1. M0Operating modes select(L or H, can't floating)
2. M1Operating modes select(L or H, can't floating)
3. RXDConnect to MCU's Txd
4. TXDConnect to MCU's Rxd
5. AUXTo indicatate working status & wakes up the external MCU
6. VCCConnect to 2.3V ~ 5.5VDC
7. GNDConnect Ground

Operating Mode

Mode 0 (M0=0; M1=0)Normal mode
Mode 1 (M0=1; M1=0)Wake-up mode
Mode 2 (M0=0; M1=1)Power-saving mode
Mode 3 (M0=1; M1=1)Sleep mode

Packing list

1. SX1278 LoRa Module 433MHz 100mW x 1
2. Antenna x 1