RF Transceiver Module 433MHz 1KM
RF Transceiver Module 433MHz 1KM
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This is a new generation of multi-channel embedded wireless serial communication module. Its working frequency band is 433.4 ~ 473.0MHz, total 100 channel available, each step is 400KHz. Maximum transmit power is 100mW (20dBm), receiver sensitivity is about -116dBm under baud rate 5000bps. Maximum communication distance is up to 1000 meters over open space(non-blocking).


- Voltage: 3.2V~5.5V (recommanded series with 1N4007 if power supply > 4.5V)
- Communication distance up to 1000m. (open space and set to lowest baudrate)
- Idle Current: 16mA
- Dimension: 27.8mm x 14.4mm x 4mm
- Frequency: 433.4MHz ~ 473.0MHz, 100 channels
- Default: baudrate 9600bps, Channel CH001 at 433.4MHz
- Interface: UART(TTL level), half duplex.
- 3 types of working modes - FU1, FU2 and FU3(default)

Pin Definitions

1. VCCConnect to DC3.2V ~ 5.5V
2. GNDConnect to ground
3. RXDConnect to MCU's Txd
4. TXDConnect to MCU's Rxd
5. SETControl pin for paramenters setting

Antenna Connection


AT Command

A. How to enter command mode

  • Method 1: Power up the unit, then pull "SET" pin to 'L'.
  • Method 2: Power off the unit, pull "SET" pin to ground, then power up the unit.
  • *** Both methods let module go into command mode. New setting ONLY take effective after release "SET" pin to 'H' ***

B. Command

  • 1. "AT" - Test Command
    Send>> "AT"
    Return<< "OK"

  • 2. "AT+Bxxxx" - Set Baud Rate
    Send>> "AT+B19200"
    Return<< "OK+B19200"

    The baud rate options: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115200. By default is 9600.

  • 3. "AT+Cxxx" - Set wireless communication channel
    Send>> "AT+C021"
    Return<< "OK+C021"

    Channel can be 001 to 127. By default, it is 001, the working frequency is 433.4MHz. Each step is 400KHz.

  • 4. "AT+FUx" - Set Serial Communication Mode
    Send>> "AT+FU1"
    Return<< "OK+FU1"

    Three modes available, FU1, FU2 and FU3. By default, it is FU3.

  • 5. "AT+DEFAULT" - Restore to default setting.
    Send>> "AT+DEFAULT"
    Return<< "OK+DEFAULT"

    By default, baud rate is 9600bps; channel C001; FU3 mode.

  • 6. "AT+RX" - Display Parameters Setting
    Send>> "AT+RX"
    Return<< "OK+FU3 \r\n OK+B9600 \r\n OK+C001 \r\n OK+RP +20dBm \r\b"